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s f■or prejudice, sm■ear, or groundless d◆oubts.For example,〓 carriers sup■ported by Hua○wei are rolling o■ut their 5G servic■es in Brit◆ain and Switze●rland. For〓 them, choosi◆ng Huawei is but a

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m○arket-oriente●d decision based ●partly on low○er costs and a re◆liable longtime par○tnership. It is a fa■ct worth mentionin■g that Huawei h●as been in coop○eration with most ●of the major mobile〓 operators ○across Europe.The● European a〓ttitude towards H●uawei also re◆presents a w

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  • ideni●ng gap between ●the two sides● of the Atlantic●, with an opennes〓s to safeguarding mu○ltilateralis〓m and cooperation.Th〓is stands in st●ark contras■t

    to the U.■S. unilateralism● and protectio○nism, and promises ○brighter econo○mic prospects 〓with new bu●siness models and ot●her innovati?/p>

  • 魐e ideas gene〓rated by the q〓uicker and a○dvanced 5G networ○k.Spain is not the f●irst in Europe to us〓e Huawei technology○, and is surely?/p>

    ?not the last o〓ne. Pleas◆e scan the QR Cod●e to follow u■s on InstagramPleas〓e scan the QR Cod◆e to follow us on We〓chatSpotlight:● Vodafone l■aunches

  • fi◆rst 5G network in S〓pain in coo○peration wit●h HuaweiSpotl○ight: Vodafo〓ne launche◆s first 5G network■ in Spain in coopera●tion with Huaw◆eiSpotlight○:

    Vodafone lau○nches first 5G netw○ork in Spain in■ cooperation wi◆th Huawei06-●16-2019 09:1〓7 BJTMADRID, J○une 15 -- In c○ooperation with

  • Chin○ese teleco●m giant Huawei, Voda●fone Espana on ■Saturday rolled ou〓t the first commer○cial 5G mobi○le services in Sp○ain, making i●t

    one of the fir●st European count■ries with the ul●trafast mobile〓 network in Europe●.According t●o Vodafone● Espana, the 5◆G mobile network ●covers 15 major

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cities includ■ing Madrid, Barc○elona, Val●encia and Se■ville. Around ha●lf of the resi〓dents in these

, the U.S.


● cities

wi〓ll be able t■o enjoy the● cutting-edge◆ high-speed netw■ork service, which ○will be expanded〓 in t

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he future.

Wi○th 5G mobile phones,〓 customers in Spa●in will expe●rience download● speeds of up to 1Gb○ps at laun

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p to 2Gbps by ●the end of ◆the year, w●hich means it cou○ld be 10 times fast〓er than that of 〓the 4G n


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etw●ork, said Voda?/p>

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